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LaraLack: An Open-sourced Clone of Slack Written in PHP & Laravel

Slack is designed to replace email as your primary method of communication and it allows you to organize communications by channels for group discussions and also allows for private messages to share information, files, and more all in one place. LaraLack is an open-sourced clone of Slack written in PHP programming language and Laravel framework for backend, Bootstrap and jQuery for frontend.

Do You Receive Credit out of Your Assets or Give Credit to Them?

Coming back home on the subway, I just had a couple of options to choose in order to pass the time: taking a nap, reading something, surfing the web, and thinking which I picked up the last one. To be honest, I realized that there are some guys who subconsciously or even consciously honor to have an iPhone 11 Pro (At the time of writing this post, this is the most recent model.), a Versace handbag, a pair of Diesel jeans, and a Gucci jacket just to name a few. While I was in a situation like this, I asked myself whether we receive credit out of our assets or give credit to them which in the paragraphs ahead I am going to put my ideas on paper (webpage).

Getting Familiar with SOLID Principles in OOP

SOLID is an acronym for a couple of principles that any piece of software written based on object-oriented design needs to follow and in this tutorial, we are going to see what SOLID is and how we can implement it.

Relational Database Normalization 101

Database Normalization is something that needs to be taken into consideration whether the project is a simple personal blog or a fully-featured e-commerce site; the more complicated the project, the more important it is to follow normalization best practices. Although this concept sounds a little bit hard to grasp for the juniors, it can easily be understood through a couple of real-world examples and this is what I want to cover in this post.  

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With over 7+ years of working in IT industry, I`ve had the chance to develop web applications of different sizes and domains, from personal blogs to more complicated ones such as e-commerce solutions. To know more about my previous experiences, refer to my resume in the footer.


Everyone who would like to enter the software industry does have to know the trends and it`s much more critical for those who wish to launch their own tech startup; this is where the knowledge of an experienced mentor gained through years of being active in this domain comes into play.

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Being a self-taught developer, I know damn well what challenges a junior develper will face in the very beginning. Getting to know how HTTP (web) works behind the scene plus the basics of dynamic web application development are what you will get in one-to-one private classes.
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