Do You Receive Credit out of Your Assets or Give Credit to Them?

Coming back home on the subway, I just had a couple of options to choose in order to pass the time: taking a nap, reading something, surfing the web, and thinking which I picked up the last one. To be honest, I realized that there are some guys who subconsciously or even consciously honor to have an iPhone 11 Pro (At the time of writing this post, this is the most recent model.), a Versace handbag, a pair of Diesel jeans, and a Gucci jacket just to name a few. While I was in a situation like this, I asked myself whether we receive credit out of our assets or give credit to them which in the paragraphs ahead I am going to put my ideas on paper (webpage).

To me, it's OK to go for a brand like Apple just because of the quality, user-friendliness, good support, and the like; it sounds damn reasonable to get most out of the bucks we're investing but what if we want to have an iPhone just because it's trendy. In this regard, another similar question might be:

Did you buy a MacBook Pro for software development just for ease of use or because you thought you would be more confident while taking it out of your bag in a MeetUp while other participants are well-equipped with Apple products?

As the title of this post suggests, some of us are credited by our assets; in other words, we're confident as long as they stick to us but immediately we lose them, we may feel kind of miserable. If fact, some of us get our credits out of assets such as cars but there are some minorities who give credit to their surroundings; whether it's a t-shirt, a car, a gadget, etc. As an example of these minorities, we can think of Steve Jobs or Mark Zuckerberg that we've seen them dressed down and most of the time don't need to be credited by big brands instead they are credible enough to wear a no-brand pair of jeans and at the same time give credit to that less well-known product.

It's crystal clear that most of us aren't or even cannot be like the above-mentioned guys to be able to give credit to the products we're using but at least we can shy away from being trapped in branding campaigns.

by Behzad Moradi on 2019-11-02